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End of the Dormouse season

Two of our Bedfordshire sites have been reporting sightings of healthy dormice over the 2018 monitoring season (May-Oct), so here's a few pictures and words from two of our site leaders: 


From Ann: 

Hi Folks


Thanks to everyone who came along on Saturday to help with the final check of the year.   We had a good morning with a total of 9 dormice, including some very lively youngsters!   A pygmy shrew was also in one of the boxes.


Everyone saw dormice which was a nice way to round off the year.


Here are a couple of photos - thank you Andy - I love the way the whiskers are poking out from beneath her tail - she was very tightly curled up!


Once next year's dates have been fixed, I'll email them round.




From Paul: 

Dear All, 


The last check in October (19th) recorded only a single young  - and very active - wood mouse


Two dormice recorded all season, one male and one female but no juveniles or new births.


Many thanks to all those who have helped all season especially Dominique Rhoades and Pam Rumfitt.


Best Wishes to all,






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