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Mammal Sightings w/o 13th Dec 2016

December 19, 2016

Thanks to the following people who sent in Mammal Records this past week.

Beth Aucott, Davis Anderson, Keith Balmer, David Barnes, Philip Bond, Sheila Brooke, George Crutcher, Anne Doody, Robert Felton, Gwen Hitchcock, Geraldine Hogg, Richard Hogg, Heather Hughes, Robert Hussey, Judith Knight, Richard Lawrence, Rory Morrisey, Julia Powell, Wilf Powell, Jamie Proud, Tim Robson, Sharon Stilliard, Katie Tatton, Ian Woiwod.


Hedgehog - Leighton Buzzard, DOR (9 Dec)

                    - Luton, on garden Trail Camera at 3.30am (28 Nov)


Mole - Beeston, fresh Hills 


Water Shrew - Biggleswade, dead on path


Otter - Bedford, Priory Park Finger Lakes, 1 adult & 2 Juveniles

          - Kempston, 1 seen at Box End Park

          - Sandy, Girtford Bridge, R. Ivel, old spraint

          - South Mills, fresh spraint

          - Felmersham NR, on trail camera


Mink - Kempston, 1 seen at Box End Park

          - Felmersham, on trail camera 


Fox - Houghton Regis, 1 alive on side of A5120 road

       - Cardington, 1 seen

       - Potton Wood, 1 seen

       - Bedford, Priory Park, crossing car park at 5.20pm

       - Oakley, A6 DOR, juvenile

       - Felmersham, on trail camera

       - Luton, Dallow Downs CWS, 1 seen

       - Luton, Bradgers Hill CWS, 1 seen


Polecat Ferret - Pegsdon, 2 DOR


Badger - SP95 


Squirrel - Linslade, 1 in garden


Fallow Deer - Potton Wood, 1 adult & 1 juvenile


Muntjac Deer - Potton Wood, 1 seen

                         - Felmersham, on trail camera


Chinese Water Deer - Odell Castle, 1 seen


Wood Mouse - Linslade, 1 in garden

                         - Totternhoe Limeworks, 1 under tile


Bank Vole - Luton, Bradgers Hill CWS, 1 under tile

                   - Totternhoe Limeworks, 1 under tile


Common Shrew - Luton, Bradgers Hill CWS, 1 dead & 1 live under tile

                              - Tottertnhoe Limeworks, 1 under tile 


Alan Outen the BNHS 'Rare insects' specialist has reminded me that there are no Bedfordshire records for the Badger flee and Mole flee.  If you find a freshly dead animal of these two species, or any other mammal species, and are prepared to comb the fur into a plastic bag, Alan would be delighted to check the contents. This is an opportunity to make a name for yourself. 


There has been a report of Muntjac Deer coursing in the Flitwick area. Please keep your eyes open for this activity and report any information asap.  


Does anyone have later active Hedgehogs records ?


How about a few mammal photographs, preferably of the records being listed via

Adnoto. Either post pictures on the Beds Flora & Fauna Blog as detailed below, or on The Mammal Group site.  


When entering a record on Adnoto, please list the nearest town in the 'location box' and not "in garden" etc.


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