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Mammal Sightings w/o 10th Oct 2016

October 16, 2016

Thanks to the following people who sent in Mammal Records this past week.

Lesley Cole, Gary Dilley, Anne Doody, Helen Gebler, Steve Halton, Richard Kiteley, Richard Lawrence, Victor Manton, David Peachey, John Temple, Dave Odell, Sue Raven, Tony Squires, Ken Winder.

  • Muntjac Deer - Steppingley, 1 seen

  •                     - Tempsford, DOR

  • Chinese Water Deer - Southill, in field

  • Wood Mouse - Wootton, 1 in cottage

  •                    - Woburn Safari Park, live trapped

  • Harvest Mouse - Maulden Church Meadow, old nest

  • Edible Dormouse - Studham, 9 trapped in house loft

  • Pygmy Shrew - Woburn Safari Park, live trapped 

  • Mole - Woburn Safari Park, hills

  • Rat - Wootton, 3 in garden

  • Stoat - Pegsdon Hills NR, chasing rabbit

  • Weasel - Arlesey, i in garden

  • Mink - Great Barford, DOR 

  • Rabbit - Pegsdon Hills NR 

  • Hedgehog - Barton, in garden

  •                 - Woburn, DOR

  • Badger - TL13, 2 seen

  •            - TL05, DOR

  •            - TL05, DOR

  •            - TL14, Dung Pits 

  • Squirrel - Biggleswade

  •             - Cople, albino animal   

  • Bank Vole - Biggleswade, alive under pile of grass

  • Fox - Biggleswade, scat and food remains


  When entering a record on Adnoto, please list the nearest town in the 'location box' and not "in garden" etc.

    All records are of live animals unless stated.  
   17 Species for the week and now 28 species for 2016.


   Can all records please be submitted via the BNHS Adnoto system, as this adds them to the holding Database and means all the necessary information is submitted.


   Thank you and good watching,  David Anderson (Beds Mammal Recorder)




See photos of Beds Flora & Fauna on the group Blog at:-http://bedsflorafauna.blogspot.com/ 


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