Report a Sighting of a Mammal in Bedfordshire!

To report a sighting of a mammal, you just need 4 pieces of information: 

1) What - Identify the animal correctly. 

2) Where - OS Grid reference if possible, if not then a postcode, road name, etc. Basically as much info as you can get! 

3) When - Date and time.

4) Who - tell us who you are! 


Any other information such as behaviour, groups and young animals, weather conditions, temperature are also appreciated! 

Method of reporting

To report a sighting of a mammal, alive or dead or signs of a mammal that you have seen please use the Bedforshire Natural History Society Adnoto recording system accessed through this link:

Remember, it doesn't have to be rare to report a sighting! It doesn't have to be alive and it doesn't even have to be a mammal if your are confident at identifying footprints, droppings or other signs! 
Roadkill reports have proven very useful in monitoring species abundance throughout the UK. 

David Anderson, the county recorder and our records officer, has asked that you try to record to 1km square for each species, lessening the chances of having repeated sightings in one visit.  


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