HARVEST MOUSE NEST HUNT – Saturday 13 January

Ten of us met with our guide, Sue Raven, at Sandy Smith Nature Reserve to see if we could find evidence of Harvest Mice. Old nest had been found previously, and we were interested to see if we could find any today.

Sue had brought along an old nest so we knew what we should be looking for, and took us to a likely area where we were able to see an old nest in situ. This was situated under an ‘umbrella’ of grass stems which were providing protection.

The weather was rather cool and overcast, but we set off enthusiastically, spreading out to cover a reasonable area. After a short time, there were calls of “Sue, Sue” as folk found nests. Sue recorded these and photographs were taken (see below).

There was a slight variation in the construction of some of the nests – some being loosely woven, others quite tight structures. Nonetheless, it was good to find evidence of these lovely little mammals – 21 nests were found in total.

Having spent nearly two hours of nest-hunting (and quite a lot of chatting!) we felt very happy with the morning’s activity, and called it a day.

We hope to spend some time at another reserve undertaking the same activity to see if there is evidence of Harvest Mice – watch this space for details!

Thanks to all those who took part, and especially to Sue for leading the event.

Nothing like watching someone else doing the work!

One of the nests we found:

All nests found were in similar habitat – under an ‘umbrella’ of grass.

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