Keep your records coming in, and let us know if you're still seeing active hedgehogs!

Thank you to all of the people that are sending in mammal records, please keep them coming. With records of scarcer species, it would be beneficial if you could include a photograph to support the identification.

Species that should have an accompanying photograph ar :- Roe Deer, Chinese Water Deer, Harvest Mouse, Yellow-necked Mouse, Water Shrew, Pygmy Shrew, Polecat, Edible Dormouse and any Hazel Dormouse away from a Box Check site.

Thank you for your help.

Yesterday, Tuesday the 24th October, my neighbour had a Hedgehog feeding in their garden. They do not feed the hedgehog, so this is just an animal still active. Are there any other late records of Hedgehog? Please keep sending in your 'last date' for Hedgehogs.

Thank you,

David Anderson (Bedfordshire Mammal Recorder)

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