Bedfordshire Mammal Update

I have been keeping a list of the Mammal Species seen in Bedfordshire during 2017 and this past week has filled in a missing species.

During the Maulden Wood Hazel Dormouse Box check, a Pygmy Shrew was found in a box, this been the first record for the year.

In another box a single Yellow-necked Mouse was found and in a third box was a mother Y-nM with 3 young, this being the first confirmation of Bedfordshire breeding this year.

The only species not seen in Bedfordshire this year are, Roe Deer, Harvest Mouse, House Mouse and Glis.

Out of interest we have had a record of an alive Mole, so not just records of fresh Mole Hills, but with Harvest Mouse the only record so far is of an old nest.

I hope soon to write a detailed article or video clip on separating Roe Deer from Chinese Water Deer. Has any one got good clear photos of these two species? Any record of Roe Deer needs a photo of the deer or full Field Notes.

Good watching, David Anderson.

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