Mammal Sightings w/o 17th Oct 2016

Thanks to the following people who sent in Mammal Records this past week.

Andy Banthorpe, Melissa Banthorpe, Anne Doody, Robert Felton, Helen Gebler, Judith Knight, Darren Oakley-Martin, Julia Powell, Wilf Powell, Sue Raven, Tim Spencer, David Withers, David Wood.

  • Bank Vole - Chicksands, Upper Alders, 1 seen

  • - Clophill, seen alive

  • - Marston Vale, MVCP, 1 in Longworth Trap

  • Wood Mouse - Marston Vale, MVCP, 5 in Longworth Traps

  • Harvest Mouse - Marston vale, MVCP, 1 in Longworth Trap

  • Hedgehog - Kempston, in garden

  • - Bedford, DOR

  • - Linslade, in garden

  • Stoat - Pegsdon Hills

  • - Bedford, Sewage Treatment Works

  • Squirrel - Maulden, DENR, 2 seen

  • - Dunstable, town centre, 2 different 1km squares, 2 animals total

  • - Heath & Reach, DOR

  • - Linslade Woods

  • Mole - Maulden, DENR, fresh hills

  • Fox - Maulden,DENR

  • - Luton, crossing New Bedford Road, 3.35am

How about a few mammal photographs, preferably of the records being listed via Adnoto. Either post pictures on the Beds Flora & Fauna Blog as detailed below, or on The Mammal Group site.

When entering a record on Adnoto, please list the nearest town in the 'location box' and not "in garden" etc.

All records are of live animals unless stated. 8 Species for the week and now 28 species for 2016.

Can all records please be submitted via the BNHS Adnoto system, as this adds them to the holding Database and means all the necessary information is submitted.

Thank you and good watching, David Anderson (Beds Mammal Recorder)

See photos of Beds Flora & Fauna on the group Blog at:-

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