Mammal sightings w/o 26th Sept 2016

Thanks to the following people who sent in Mammal Records this past week.

David Anderson, Liz Anderson, David Barnes, Richard Bashford, Carles Carboneras, Robert Hussey, Richard Lawrence, Mark Ward, Ken Winder

Otter - Bedford, Priory Park, seen on two different days

- Shefford, spraint at 2 different sites

Wood Mouse - Flitwick Moor, 9 live trapped

Yellow-necked Mouse - Flitwick Moor, 2 trapped

- Maulden Wood,1 in Dormouse box

- Pegsdon Hills, 1 in Dormouse box

Bank Vole - Flitwick Moor, 2 trapped

Common Shrew - Flitwick Moor, 1 trapped

Squirrel - Luton, seen in garden

- Sandy, RSPB The Lodge, adult carrying juvenile

Black Squirrel - Stotfold

- Shefford

Badger - TL23, active latrine

- TL04, seen alive

Fox - Shefford

- Sandy RSPB

Polecat Ferret - Pegsdon, DOR

Please look at the interesting Trail Camera clip from Steve Thompson of an otter on the John O Gaunt Golf Course on a very small wet ditch. See the "bedsflorafauna.blogspot. com" as below. If an otter was at that location, where else has it been?

When entering a record on Adnoto, please list the nearest town in the 'location box' and not "in garden" etc.

All records are of live animals unless stated. 10 Species for the week and 27 so far in 2016.

Can all records please be submitted via the BNHS Adnoto system, as this adds them to the holding Database and means all the necessary information is submitted.

Thank you and good watching, David Anderson (Beds Mammal Recorder)

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