Otter monitoring in Bedfordshire

Dear All

Way back when at the inaugural meeting of the Mammal Group you expressed an interest in Otters. I have been away since the day after that meeting which is why it has taken so long for me to get back to you. We work in the north of England during the spring and summer. Anyway I am back now but away a lot in Sept and October so if you do not hear back from me immediately that is why.

I should like to set up an otter monitoring group. This will entail:

1.checking under a bridge once a month, preferably in the first two weeks of the month

2.taking a picture of any spraint found and comparing it with any that was there during the previous visit (this will allow you to see if it is new spraint or from the previous month)

3. sending me an e mail to say you have checked and what you found

If you are interested in adopting a bridge please let me know also please let me know where you live so that I can assign you a bridge near your home (if there is one). If you do not know how to ID otter spraint we will go to a bridge together to teach you.

I have had difficulty reading peoples handwriting so if you know someone who came to the meeting but has not heard from me that may be why and could you please forward this e mail to them. Thank you.


Amanda email:

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