June Meeting Minutes

Meeting held on 15 June 2016 at Bedfordshire Rural Communities Charity, Cardington Those Present: David Anderson, Graham Bellamy, Bob Cornes, Ken Winder, Ann de Winter, Richard Lawrence (Chair), Dominique Rhoades (minutes)

Bank Account and Funds

The funds for the Beds Badger Group will now come to this Group.The amount of £100 will be held by BNHS until Julia has set up an account. BNHS AffiliationThe forms for this have been completed and forwarded by Richard.

Awaiting response.

Events and Surveys – Planning and Organizing

Nut Hunt – September/October

Action: Ann to organise

Harvest Mouse Survey (tubes/droppings)

Action: Richard to speak to Sue Raven Re a visit to Sandy Smith NR

Possible Badger Watch in King’s Wood

Hedgehog Tracking – it was thought a good idea to involve YounGnats with this activity to try and track hedgehogs in gardens.

PTES will be contacted to see if they can provide ‘tunnels’.Glis Glis – Pat Morris would be a useful contact for sites in Hertfordshire (Tring/Aylesbury/College Lake) – no known sites in Bedfordshire for Edible Dormice.

Otters and Water Voles – Amanda to be consulted about a monitoring group for otters. The next survey is scheduled for 2019/2020.

Badger Surveys – The records need examining to find areas where records are lacking and also where there are historic setts.

Action: Volunteer needed


Bob reported that the Bat Group is covered by insurance from the Bat Conservation Trust. We need to ascertain that the Mammal Group is adequately covered.

Action: Ann to contact Mike Bird

Communication - how well are we communicating?

It was agreed that email lists need consolidating

Action: Richard to forward email sign up sheet to Dominique to consolidate - all meeting minutes, weekly sighting updates and other news will be distributed via the website, duplicated on the facebook page.

N.B All who wish to be informed of events / news etc must sign up via the website at

Everyone should be aware of the Group website Facebook and the Website should have links. A blog will be set up for weekly updates. David reported that the mammal records system is working well for the most part. The information on weekly sightings is much appreciated.There is a blog on Facebook on flora and fauna in the county ‘Bedfordshire Nature Spotters’

The correct Dormouse Box Check dates for 2016 are: 18 June, 16 July, 20 August, 17 September and 22 October (amended on website calendar).

Article for the BNHS Magazine A general article will be produced.

Action: Richard

Relevant photographs for the magazine would be appreciated

Action: All

Speaker on a Mammal Subject for next year; possibly the Deer Keeper at Woburn and/or Pat Morris/PTES for hedgehogs

Action: Richard to contact

Any Other Business

Mammal Society Affiliation – Richard reported that there were no real benefits to affiliation for our Group. Another factor is that we have no funds to pay the affiliation fee.

It was reported that there may be water voles present near the building works at Houghton Regis – this is unconfirmed but could be investigated. It was agreed that meetings should be open to all interested parties

The next meeting will be held in three months’ time – date, time and venue to be confirmed. Everyone is welcome to attend these meetings.

There being no other business, the meeting closed at 2035.

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