Mammal Sightings from the past week

Last week's Mammal Sighting summary from the recorder: Thanks to the following people sending in Mammal Records this past week.

David Anderson, Robin Barrett, Richard Bashford, Andrew Budd, Paula Cheyne, Anne Doody, Liz Hooper, Ian Little, Lucy Little, John Lynch, Craig Lymn, Mick McCarrick, Rory Morrisey, Helen Muir-Howie, Richard Lawrence, Richard Revels.

• Badger - TL05, DOR - TL14, DOR - TL05, DOR - SP92, DOR • Hedgehog - feeding in Leighton Buzzard garden - Girtford, Sandy, adult & youngster - Bedford, DOR - Maulden, DOR - Feeding in Ampthill garden • Wood Mouse - live trapped in Biggleswade - Ampthill, 2 in garage • House Mouse - seen in Luton garden. This is a very rare record ! • Bank Vole - Maulden, Duck End NR, 4 caught in live traps • Water Vole - seen at Wixams. As this is a new site, more details are being sort • Fox - Kempston, cub DOR • Mink - Shefford, seen near River Flit • Hare - TL24 • Muntjac Deer - Little Staughton - Potton Wood, heard and slots • Fallow Deer - Potton Wood, 2 crossing main Ride • Squirrel - seen at Maulden, Duck End NR

There are now two photos of last weeks Polecat Ferret dead on the Leighton Buzzard By-pass on

Please load any new pictures of mammals onto the facebook group at:

or email them to:

Bob Cornes has recently, had two quick sightings of an unusual deer in the King's Wood & Baker's Wood area. SP 92/29 & SP 91/28. Could be Roe Deer, so if anyone is in that area, please keep a sharp eye out for any sightings.

When entering a "live sighting" in Adnoto, there is no need to also add a record for "signs".

All records are of live animals unless stated.

12 Species for the week and 26 so far in 2016.

Can all records please be submitted via the BNHS Adnoto system, as this adds them to the holding Database and means all the necessary information is submitted.

Please be sure to enter the nearest Town name, not "in my back garden" as I do not know where everyone lives!

You can Report a Sighting here:!sightings/cee5

Thank you and good watching, David Anderson (Beds Mammal Recorder)

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