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We'll endeavour to keep you updated with all relevant news here, on our facebook page and our twitter page, which you can see on this page also. 

If you have any articles, photos, stories or papers you would like to see published on the website please email us via the contact page. 

Meeting Agenda's and Minutes.. 

Click on the links to open PDf's of the latest agenda's and meeting minutes to see the Mammal Group's progress. 

Remember everyone is welcome to meetings, and is very welcome to contribute to the agenda. 

-17th April 2019 Meeting Minutes coming soon...  


-17th April 2019 Meeting Agenda 

-17th October 2018 Meeting and AGM Minutes 

- 17th October 2018 Meeting Agenda and AGM

- 25th April 2018 Meeting Minutes

- 25th April 2018 AGM Agenda

- Consent Form for Data Protection Purposes

- Nomination for Officers 2018 AGM

- 18th October 2017 Meeting Minutes

- 18th October 2017 Meeting Agenda

- 19th April 2017 Meeting Minutes

- 19th April 2017 Meeting Agenda 

- 28th Sept 2016 Meeting Minutes 

 - 28th Sept 2016  Meeting Agenda 

- 21st June 2016 Meeting Minutes 

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