Check the calendar for all events, talks, meetings.  

Want to get involved in local citizen science? Here's your chance to help with ecological monitoring and surveying throughout Bedfordshire. Have a look through the calendar and contact the leader of the event to let them know to expect you, and for any queries. 

Please wear sensible clothing for outdoor activities (warm, flexible, ok to get muddy, safe footwear).

Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times, please check with event leaders if the event is suitable for children beforehand.  

Coming Up in 2022 
Group events: 

Dormouse checks are still restricted under covid guidelines; we will open these up to larger numbers as soon as possible.  

National Harvest Mouse Survey: 
Sandy Smith Nature Reserve on the 13th November at 10.00.  If you intend coming along to the November event, please let Ann know by emailing her directly:

A Possible Event for 2022 – Would any of our members be interested in going to watch Badgers at Tewin Orchard?   Bookings open in January for next year’s season and I will be happy to book a slot if we have enough interest – just email me (Ann) to let me know.   There will be a cost involved, but the Flit Vale group saw 19 badgers on their visit in 2019, so it is certainly worth it!
If you'd like us to show an event on the website contact us through the contact page, or if you'd like to suggest we run an event please email us and where possible, we'll try to organise it! :) 

Other Events around Bedfordshire:

The Wildlife Trusts give a number of talks and events on a wide range of British and worldwide wildlife issues.

For BBOWT events click here:

For BCNWT events click here:

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