About us

All about the Bedfordshire Mammal Group...Formed in January 2016, and aims to study and conserve wild mammals in Bedfordshire through recording their distribution, studying their ecology, raising awareness, providing advice and getting people working together for wildlife. 

Who we are 


Chair; Ken Winder,

Secretary; Ann De Winter,

Treasurer; Helen Gebler,

Records Officer; David Anderson,


Plus lots of other interested parties from around the county, including wildlife workers, ecologists, interested amateurs. This is our citizen science!  


All members will be welcomed to all meetings; there will be no 'committee' as such; the group will discuss and make decisions as a group. 

What we do

We study and conserve mammals in Bedfordshire through ecological monitoring, education and countryside management. This involves many things such as dormouse nest box monitoring, badger sett surveys, small mammal monitoring, Otter and Water Vole surveys, giving advice to landowners and identifying mammal signs.

How to join

We welcome everyone who is interested in nature to join us for any or all of our meetings, events, activities. If you would like to officially become a member of BMG for free please go to the membership page.


Constitution of the Bedfordshire Mammal Group

1.  Aims of the Bedfordshire Mammal Group

  • to raise awareness of wild mammals in Bedfordshire

  • to survey and record mammal distribution and abundance, and identify changes

  • to provide local knowledge and advice to contribute to conservation of mammals in Bedfordshire


2. Membership of the Group

Membership of the Group shall be open to anyone interested in mammals in Bedfordshire, upon registering as a member and renewing registration when required. Membership of the Group may be refused or cancelled at any time, if the Officers determine that a member is working contrary to the interests of the Group. Appeals against any such decisions must be made in writing, stating the grounds of the appeal, within one month. All such appeals will be considered carefully and will receive a response in writing within one month of receipt.

3. Management of the Group

There will be three elected Officers: Chair, Treasurer and Secretary. These Officers must be elected or re-elected annually at the AGM, and are answerable to the membership for the decisions they make. There will be no formal Committee, but all members of the Group shall be invited to all meetings concerned with any aspect of running the Group.

4. Annual General Meeting.

One meeting each year shall be designated to cover the functions of an Annual General Meeting. All members must be invited and sent an agenda at least 21 days prior to the meeting, informing them of matters to be considered in the AGM.

The AGM should:

  1. review the previous year’s activity

  2. elect a Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Records Officer and Web and Publicity Officer

  3. approve the accounts

  4. agree any changes to the constitution of the Group.


5.  Dissolution of the Group

If at any properly convened General Meeting a resolution for the dissolution of the Group is carried by at least two thirds of the members present, then the elected Officers shall proceed to realize the assets of the Group and discharge all debts and liabilities of the Group.

The remaining assets of the Group shall be donated to one or more other voluntary organisations or registered charities having the recording and/or conservation of mammals among their aims. The final choice of recipient, if not specified in the resolution of dissolution, shall be determined by the elected Officers.

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